Gutter protection can help you save both time and money

There are a variety of things that a homeowner has to do to maintain his property, a few of them more frequently than others. For example, draining the water heater just has to be done annually, changing furnace filters every few months, watering the lawn every few days in the summer and trimming the trees maybe every two or three years. These are simply a few things on a lengthy list of maintenance needs on every home. One thing that must be done in many areas of the country at least two or three times in the fall is cleaning the leaves out of the rain gutters. This is certainly not enjoyable work. Water will start to break down the leaves so that a sludge is created, which can be a problem. On top of that, there is the fact that the rain gutters are affixed to the roof. This type of work would be intensive when done at ground level, but it is worsened when a homeowner needs to drag a ladder along and climb up and down over and over to get to rain gutters. Fortunately, someone determined there had to be a better way to go and invented the idea of gutter protection.

The theory with using gutter protection is that it helps to keep things from getting into the gutter to begin with, thus you can avoid having to clean them out. All sorts of stuff aside from leaves can get into your gutters although leaves are by far the biggest threat. But toys, newspapers, litter, and lightweight trash like plastic bags are easily thrown or blown up onto your roof over the course of a year. And anything that stops the flow of water down your rain gutters is a much more serious problem for your home than you might be aware.

Obviously, the idea of rain gutters is that all the water flows down the gutters and then down the spouts where it is supposed to be directed away from your foundation. When rain gutters and spouts fill with leaves that turn to sludge, along with other debris, rain and melted snow will end up in places where you don’t want to, which causes damage As an example, if it is winter and the gutters are loaded with half-melted snow, it provides an excellent place for ice dams to form and this can do serious damage to your roof and gutters. This is merely one way that having blocked gutters can damage your home in a big way.

You will need to have professionals come to your residence to install the gutter protection, however, this is an investment in your home’s value that will benefit you. For one thing, you will not be required to balance on top of a rickety ladder and pull moldy wet leaves out of the gutters. You also don’t have to watch the fall of the gorgeous leaves as the weather turns colder and dread the ritual of having to pull them down from there.